Monday, October 25, 2010

Long Awaited Updates

So Liam did have his second surgery. It was scheduled for October 14th. We went in to the hospital in the morning and his surgery was just before noon. The surgeon told us the week before that the procedure would probably be 3 hours long due to scar tissue. However, instead of coming out to update us halfway through, the surgeon came out after less than 2 hours and informed us he was done. The surgery ended up being much less complicated. So the hospital didn't even send us to a unit. The surgeon had Liam stay in the post-op unit for observation. We were discharged Friday morning and were home by 9 AM.

So far Liam has been mostly okay recovering. His eating habits are still poor, but better than before the surgery. His sleep habits however are terrible. Ever since the second surgery he has been waking several times at night, but going back to sleep after 5 or 10 minutes. Then he usually wakes up for the day around 6 AM. And this is after going to bed around 8:30 or 9. He also is not napping like he used to. We are lucky if he takes even 1 nap, and any naps he does take usually only last an hour at most. He used to take 2 naps a day for at least an hour each.

His energy level is also through the roof. Just the past week or so, he has been running around, throwing toys, starting to climb on things, and running himself and us ragged. He even makes himself short of breath sometimes from all the activity. I guess this is a good thing though; certainly better than being tired and cranky all day.

One minor issue, the site where the drain was at the hospital has not healed yet. It had started to heal a few days after we left the hospital, but with all his movement, the steri strips covering his surgery site interfered. So we did take him in to see his pediatrician, who recommended trying to keep it covered if we could (which we can't because Liam continues to pull anything we put there off), and if we have more concerns to go back to the surgeon. We will see. For now his neck does look nasty, but he isn't scratching at the site, and he isn't bleeding. We are hopeful it will resolve itself soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Songs that means something

I love this song and get choked up at a certain point every time I sing it at karaoke. But tonight, it was an entirely different part that got to me.

The song is "Anyway" by Martina McBride. I don't tend to sing a lot of Country just because most female Country singers are Altos and their songs are just not as high as I like to sing. Martina is the exception, but most of her songs are depressing (think Concrete Angel, Independence Day, etc.)'"Anyway" is a song of hope. The line I used to cry at was when she said you could sing a song you believe in that everyone would just forget the next day, but you should sing it anyway. Of course this has a lot of meaning to me because of the place music and singing has in my life.

But tonight when I sang it, the last part of the second verse was the kicker. She sings that:
"This world's gone crazy, and it's hard to believe, that tomorrow will be better than today, believe it anyway"

I'm tearing up just typing it now, because with all that's happened with Liam, it is hard sometimes to believe that things will get better. Cliff and I were talking earlier today and I told him that sometimes being home feels more temporary than being in the hospital because we have been there so much.

And sometimes it feels like we make a little progress, or at least stay stable, and then it's back to the starting line all over again every other week.

Cliff says he does better when he takes things one moment at a time, although I know as well as he does that "better" is a relative term. He deals with the stress better that way. Me, well, I DON'T deal with stress well, and I tend to try and take care of everything all at once, almost like I'm hoping if it all gets addressed, then I will have time afterwards to relax and not worry so much. But that is never the case. Life is often an uphill battle with the fights looking and feeling very repeated. Some tasks are never fully accomplished, like dishes and laundry. You finish what you think is all of it, and then realize that more has collected while you were taking care of the first batch.

Liam's health issues seem like that sometimes too. We get one infection taken care of and start to feel like life can return to normal, and then another one pops up, or his surgery is scheduled, or something else. It feels never ending.

But like the song, we have to have some hope. Hope is what keeps us going; it's what gives us courage in the face of uncertainty. It gives us comfort when there seems to be danger. We must have hope, else we be forever lost.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Help for Liam Sweat

This blog is dedicated to keeping friends and family updated on Liam Sweat's medical issues. As many of you know, Liam developed a cyst in his throat in early July. He has since had 4 extended stays at Primary Children's Hospital, including one we just returned from today, September 20th. He also had surgery to remove the cyst on September 9th, however with this last hospital visit the surgeon determined that they did not remove all of the cyst. So Liam will have to be scheduled for another surgery at some point soon.

I will keep everyone updated on any other hospital visits or anything else that happens. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to Liam, and I am including a donation link for anyone that wants to help if they can't visit. I will be setting up a special account with Chase Bank for any donations received.

We really appreciate all the support and comfort we have received so far from all of you.

Thanks again,
Adrienne and Cliff

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