Monday, September 20, 2010

Help for Liam Sweat

This blog is dedicated to keeping friends and family updated on Liam Sweat's medical issues. As many of you know, Liam developed a cyst in his throat in early July. He has since had 4 extended stays at Primary Children's Hospital, including one we just returned from today, September 20th. He also had surgery to remove the cyst on September 9th, however with this last hospital visit the surgeon determined that they did not remove all of the cyst. So Liam will have to be scheduled for another surgery at some point soon.

I will keep everyone updated on any other hospital visits or anything else that happens. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to Liam, and I am including a donation link for anyone that wants to help if they can't visit. I will be setting up a special account with Chase Bank for any donations received.

We really appreciate all the support and comfort we have received so far from all of you.

Thanks again,
Adrienne and Cliff

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Donation Link:

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